Unique Ink is Greensburg's OLDEST and most REPUTABLE tattoo shop. Started in 1999 as a one artist studio by Nick Christofano. We now are happy to provide you with custom tattoos from Johnny Fry, Brian Corley, Daniel Weyandt and Zane Leibowitz. Our new location is at 225 West Pittsburgh Street. Come in just to check out the shop, browse through the artists portfolios or set up an appointment. All scheduling is done on location but for inquiries please feel free to call us at 724.853.7821

8.29.13 Big things going on!! Don't miss the 21st annual 'Meeting of the Marked'...new venue, new dates, new artists; same great time! Sept 6-8th at the Monroeville Convention Center, for all the info go to tattoopgh.com......
Also all new updates in Johnny's tattoo and artwork folders.

10.18.12 Don't miss the 20th anniversary Pittsburgh Tattoo convention "The Meeting of the Marked". More info here: tattoopgh.com

9.3.12 Check out Johnny Fry's newly updated Tattoos, Artwork and About sections....you won't be disappointed!!

7.12.12 WHOA! been a minute.....Zane Leibowitz now tattoos here -out!

10.20.11 Sorry, we have been slacking of the updates, but there is all kinds of big news at Unique Ink. First off, we have 3 new styles of shirts available ranging from $10-$25 dollars (both Nick and Johnny designs). Second, Unique is hosting our first ever female tattooer, CharlieGrrl Davis of Hidden Hand Tattoo in Seattle, Wa. will be tattooing here Oct. 26th and 27th. Her guest spot is leading to the Meeting of the Marked Tattoo Expo at the Greentree Radisson. Lastly, Nate Deal will be back at the shop Nov.1st-5th......Please call the shop for any additional info!

2.16.11 Spring is almost here!!! Get ready for the sunshine with a brand new PROFESSIONALLY done tattoo! See ya soon!!!


1.13.11 There's a reason we are booked in advanced.....There's a reason we are the longest standing tattoo shop in the GBG area.....There's a reason why our tattoos stand the test of time...

1.5.11 Don't forget to check out the Fry vs. Frey artshow at Artform Tattoo and Gallery in Lower Burrell. Johnny Fry and John Freyvogel will be displaying tons of brand new artwork in celebration of the new book release, "Pittsburgh Area Unknown". This book features tattoos, sketches and art by Unique Ink, Black Cat, Artform, Bodyworks and Human Production Gallery!

1.3.11 Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone's resolution is to quit letting your friends and loved ones get horrible tattoos!!! Stop supporting bad tattooers-Support professional tattooing!!!!!.......Unique Ink-since'99 Gbg's longest standing and most experienced tattoo shop------FOR A REASON!

12.25.10 Merry Xmas!!!!!

12.22.10 New batch of hoodies in just in time for christmas.......$25.00 size medium through XL. Get them while their hot!! Also we will be closed for business from 4pm Dec.23rd through the 27th

12.18.10 Xmas came alittle early this year!!! Maybe santa will hook you up with some karate lessons next year.......keep 'dem hands up sucka!.....hahahahahaha

12.12.10 Don't forget Unique Ink gift cards make the perfect gift!!!
A gift you'll never lose, break, or will quit working!!! Come on, do you even remember what you got last year, HA!

11.27.10 The DIFFERENCE is QUALITY!!! Unique Ink; fixing screwed up tattoos done by people that shouldn't tattoo........since 1999.
Don't believe us?---Go ahead, learn the hard way!!!

11.20.10 New tattoo of the Week by johnny fry! "Greensburg's holiday parade seemed like a success", said Brian Corley(quote of the week). Also, western Pa is home to a lot of great tattooers so stop getting bad tattoos and get good ones!

11.19.10 A handful of new tattoo pix up in nick's portfolio.....Hope everyone has a nice holiday!!!! Eat lots of food and be a fat kid!!! Fat kids are fun!!! WOOO!!

11.13.10 New Tat o da week! Check back next week for new stuff!!
Oh yeah!.... I almost forgot, good tattoos aren't cheap, and cheap tattoos are right down the street!! Unique Ink since 1999, GOING STRONG!!

11.5.10 New tattoo of the week(kinda)!!! Unique Ink is still hooking up nice tattoos, AS ALWAYS!! Beware of scratchers who talk a good game! The proof is right in front of you! NO BULLSHIT, NO GIMMICKS, JUST GOOD TATTOOS THAT STAND THE TEST OF TIME!! -out.

10.26.10 Check out Unique Ink at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Marked Tattoo Expo this upcoming weekend! All kinds of new merch for sale: T-Shirts, Bandanas, Flash and new for the show Hoodies! Also November 2-4 stop by the shop and get tattooed by guest artist Nate Deal of Iron Brush in Lincoln NE.

10.22.10 New tattoos posted in Nick's portfolio, as well as the "NEW TATTOO OF THE WEEK" (or whenever we get around to post one-ha!).
Stop back to check it out! Lets not forget, tattoos are for life, so find an artist that'll do a nice one!!! Not all tattooers are equal....nawmsayin!

9.18.10 Bandanas are now in!!! Just 5 bucks....get 'em with they last. Support Professional Tattooers Only!!! Bandanas available in white, black and pink!


9.15.10 Due to an influx of HORRIBLE tattoo shops opening up in the area, we'd like to remind you that we're happy to fix anything you might not be happy with. But hey, why pay for it twice? Just get it done right the first time! DON'T LEARN THE HARD WAY!!!

8.6.10 Bandannas should be done soon, check back for updates!

7.21.10 We've got one of the new shirts in for 10 bucks!!! Available in 4 colors (natural, white, red and gray). We also have Unique Ink greeting cards for sale!!!

7.16.10 Bandannas are on the way! Two new shirt designs. Greeting cards, post cards, all the good stuff! And last but not least, we're gonna have a bunch of new stickers for everyone (free stickers, of course!)

7.1.10 YES! We are more expensive than some other tattoo shops, because well..… you get what you pay for! Happy Birthday tattoo shop;) -- love nick

6.10.10 Couple new tattoo photos up in Nick's folder...hope you like!!! Time to schedule that tattoo you've been putting off, but remember - do your homework and pick an experienced tattooer. Pittsburgh area is full of them, you just gotta find 'em!
Don't forget....tattoos are permanent!-ha!

5.13.10 Yep! Still taking walk-ins. T-shirts are almost gone, so if you didn't get one-HURRY!! New shirts designs in the works; also designs from Dan Weyandt and John Fry coming this summer!!!

4.15.10 Doing your own income tax return is a lot like a do-it-yourself mugging.

4.8.10 Nate Deal out of Iron Brush Tattoo (Lincoln, Nebraska) will be doing a guest spot on April 27-28-29. If you wanna schedule with him, give us a call. Give his stuff a look at www.IronBrush.com or on facebook at Facebook.com/Nate.Deal

4.1.10 Pix of the new shirts are in the shop photo gallery!!! Check 'em out, get 'em while they last!!!! SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL TATTOOING!!!!!! The bitterness of a poor tattoo long exceeds the sweetness of a good price. DON'T LEARN THE HARD WAY!!!!!

3.26.10 We would just like to remind everyone that just because someone buys a junk tattooing kit from ebay it DOES NOT MAKE THEM A TATTOOER.

3.23.10 OKAY!!! Got some new shirts in!!! Two different men's shirts (black shirts, with a bleach discharge kind of printing for a worn-in look) and one girls shirt printed in pink (on black shirts and white ones). Both styles are 'fashion fit'. Pictures up soon! $20 each.

3.13.10 In case you all forgot.....Laugh now, you know what later! Oh yeah! New guys and girls shirts arriving next week!! Get 'em while they last!!!

3.5.10 Oh boy, it's March already!!! And you know what that means... Spring is on it's way. Appointments are booking quickly, so swing by and set something up now if you want to get tattooed before appts. fill up. We are still available for walk-ins but depending on the artist and your designs you might be looking at a wait. We understand having to wait sometimes sucks, but think about it... That's usually a good sign, right?

1.30.10 Valentines Day is coming up and you know what that means!!! Ya gotta get your sweetheart something nice this year. The Snuggie didn't go well last year? Your flowers died in the car while you were at dinner? How about a gift certificate to her favorite tattoo shop?!??!?!? Well if they're all out just come get one from us!!!

1.21.10 Due to an influx of HORRIBLE tattoo shops opening up in the area, we'd like to remind you that we're happy to fix anything you might not be happy with. But hey, why pay for it twice? Just get it done right the first time! ;)

12.29.09 Hope everyone's doing well this holiday season!!! Just reminding everyone that we'll be open 11-4 NEW YEARS EVE and we're CLOSED on NEW YEARS DAY. Have a bunch of fun and please be saffeeee!!!

12.23.09 Our Holiday Hours will be 11-4 Xmas Eve and New Years Eve. We will be closed on Xmas and New Years day. Our usual hours are 11-7 Tuesday-Saturday. Be safe and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

12.02.09 We now have limited pressing "Support Professional Tattooing" Unique Ink T-Shirts designed by Brian Corley available for $20. Check our myspace page for pictures of the shirts!

12.02.09 Don't forget GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for the holiday season. The perfect X-mas gift for the person that has everything!!!

11.20.09 Just a heads up... We will be closed for Thanksgiving next Thursday. Hope everyone has a good time.

11.3.09 Krooken Ken will be tattooing out of the shop Tuesday the 3rd and Wednesday the 4th. Call the shop to see what his availability is like if you're interested in getting tattooed!!!

11.3.09 There is a TON of construction going on outside our shop on Pittsburgh St. We are still working, and you can still come in. There is some kind of opening between the road blocks so that you can turn into our lot.

10.24.09 You may have noticed some construction going on outside but rest assure that we are still fully functional and open for business. We've been putting the finishing touches on the new location, which include re-surfacing the building and adding a handrail for your convenience, so there may be work going on outside from time to time. We're still here though, so swing by!