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After apprenticing at another area shop from 2001-2003, I joined Unique Ink in the spring of 2004. It has been my home base ever since. The crew I get to work with and creativity in the building are untouchable. I started traveling for tattooing around 2006 and have spent time in many different cities and other shops, but Unique Ink has always been home. We take tattooing very seriously. We strive to be constantly growing and at the top of our game...but we also have fun and keep a friendly environment!

I enjoy many different styles of tattooing, but my main focuses are in Japanese, American Traditional, Neo-traditional and fine-line black and gray. I believe in tattoos and imagery that will last and are timeless. Please refer to my portfolio to see examples of my preferred types of work.

I DO NOT tattoo color realism or portraits, no outline images or color outline images. I don’t feel these tattoos hold up over time and as well as other styles.

Thanks for checking out my page and feel free to ask questions and submit ideas!