Q: How do I schedule an APPT?

A: Each of our tattooers’ schedules varies. All scheduling info and time frames for each artist will be posted in their SCHEDULING section, as well as contact information for that artist. Please contact the appropriate tattooer to schedule an appointment or for additional information.

Q: My artists SCHEDULING tab states that their books are CLOSED. What does that mean?

A: It simply means that they are not currently taking appts at this time. It’s usually followed with a time frame of when their books will reopen and accept new clients. This is our best attempt at keeping our wait times to a minimum ONCE you have an appointment scheduled.
Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: Yes, we accept walk-ins daily. Stop by the shop!!!
Q: I’m not sure which tattooer I should schedule with, where do I start?

A: We suggest that you take the time to explore each of our artists galleries to get familiar with the work that they do. Please contact the specific tattooer that you feel would best execute the style of tattooing that suits your design/preferences. If you are still not sure, please feel free to contact ANY of our artists and they will be happy to point you in the correct direction.
Q: I would like to consult with an artist prior to scheduling, can I do that?

A: Sure, please contact the specific tattooer you would like to work with in their SCHEDULING section. They can advise on their consultation process further. *Please keep in mind that no drawings will be rendered without a deposit or appointment scheduling.*
Q: How much do you charge for tattooing?

A: Each of our artists’ rates differ. We generally charge for tattoos done in one session as “by the piece” rate, which simply means we will give you a quote for the tattoo to be done; taking into account size, placement and subject matter. Larger works are quoted ‘by the session’. These projects require multiple sessions and will be complete in more than just a single session. Please contact the artist you wish to work with for accurate pricing.
Q: Do you have a minimum charge?

A: Yes, $80

Q: Do you honor parental consent?

A: No sorry we do not, we only provide tattooing for individuals 18 years of age and older.
Q: Do you offer piercing?

A: YES, WE NOW OFFER PIERCING AND JEWELRY, for more info please call the shop or contact: ROSE CHAMPION PIERCING
Q: What forms of ID are acceptable?

A: We only accept state issued ID cards and driver’s license. We do not accept school ID’s or birth certificates.
Q: Can I purchase a GIFT CARD?

A: Sure, please contact us to set up a time you would like to stop in. 724-853-7821
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash only.
Q: Do you do cover-ups or rework tattoos?

A: Sometimes. It will depend on what, where and how. The best first step would be to contact one of our artist. They will need to view the existing tattoo as well as ideas of what you would like to see done with the existing tattoo. *Please be advised, cover-ups are difficult at times, and we charge a higher rate because of it. It’s not simply a matter of putting a new design over the old one.*
Q: Do you do all white tattoos?

A: No and here’s why, we care about our tattoos and the way they age is crucial to our business and its reputation. Your tattoo from Unique Ink is our very best advertisement and we want it to look it's very best. All white tattoos tend not to age well therefore representing us in a negative way. Along that thought, we also will not tattoo the inside of fingers, inner lip, bottom of feet, palms of hands and designs that will not translate onto the skin well. *Remember its our best form of advertising. Our reputation is on the line, we want it to be AWESOME so that you tell all your friends and family where ya got it!*