Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: We only accept cash.

Q: Can I call and make an appointment?
A: No. All scheduling is done in person. A $40 non-refundable deposit is required upon the scheduling of all appointments. More may be put down at the customers discretion. All deposits remain as store credit and will not be refunded. Also, a 24-hour notice is required when canceling an appointment or else the deposit will be forfeited. Larger work that is multiple sessions require a $100 deposit.

Q: How do you guys price tattoos?
A: Pricing is kinda of hard to explain. We have a $60 minimum and it really depends on a number of factors after that. Size, placement and detail all contribute to the overall cost of the tattoo. Tattoos that can be completed in one sitting are priced by the piece itself, we roughly base multiple sitting tattoos off of a $100-120 per hour rate. We also do not give quotes sight unseen. You need to stop into the shop to discuss your ideas to get an accurate price estimate.

Q: You guys always seem busy. Can I just walk in and get a tattoo that day?
A: A lot of care and attention goes into each tattoo, which means that we can't always draw something up on the spot and squeeze you in that day. If we have a cancellation or time between appointments we would be happy to try to squeeze you in, but most of time time appointments have to be scheduled in advance. Stop in and see if we can take you that day!

Q: This is my first tattoo and I'm kind of nervous. What should I do to prepare?
A: The number thing you want to remember is to eat before the appointment. Also, feel free to bring a drink with you.

Q: I am getting a part of my body tattooed that I do not want everyone to see... How should I dress?
A: If you are getting your lower/upper back, ribs, hips, etc... tattooed PLEASE dress appropriately. Wear lose fitting clothes that can easily be manipulated and folded to expose the area being tattooed without actually having to remove any item of clothing. Here's an example... If you are coming in to get your hip tattooed, DO NOT wear a dress. If you wear a dress you're going to have to lift it up and could potentially create an uncomfortable situation not only for yourself but for the artists themselves.